City Traders Imperium

Challenge Scaling Plans

Our scaling plans are geared towards giving more to the traders to have long-lasting cooperation with CTI. If you are a profitable trader, then CTI will reward you with more funded capital and more profit share up to 100% profit once you qualify for our Tier 2 Funding.

This is a no-brainer deal that you won’t get elsewhere. Imagine working your way up to a 7-figure account and getting 100% profit share exactly as you would with your personal account.

This is how great CTI is.

Scalping Plan Benefits

  • Capital is increased by 30% of the initial account balance.
  • Profit Split upgrades to 90% for Tier 1.
  • Profit Split upgrades to 100% for Tier 2.

Upgrading to Tier 1 Funding Level

CTI will increase the Funded Account’s Captial by 30% and increase the profit share by 30% of the Challenge account balance when the following objectives are met:

  • The funded trader has made an average of 2.5% net profit per month, and 2 of the 4 months must have ended with a positive balance.
  • Must have processed at least 2 withdrawals within this 4-month.
  • The account balance must be positive at the time of the upgrade.


The max increase per account is up to $400,000, and the Funded Trader can have up to 2 $100,000 Funded Accounts or a combination of any smaller account sizes.

Upgrading to Tier 2 Funding Level

At any time, the funded trader scales up their account three times, you will qualify for Tier 2 Funding, and you will start receiving 100% of the net profit.

At this level, there is no need to split any profit with us because we want to give you the opportunity to work with us long-term and discuss more potential partnerships with you.

Scaling Plan Progress 

The table below is an example of how a funded trader would progress after passing the 2-step challenge.

Cycle Tier Account Size $ Max Loss $ Profit Split % Growth Capital $
1 Tier 0 50,000 5,000 80% 15,000
2 Tier 1 65,000 6,500 90% 15,000
3 Tier 1 80,000 8,000 90% 15,000
4 Tier 1 95,000 9,500 90% 15,000
5 Tier 2 110,000 11,000 100% 15,000

And so on… once you are on Tier 2, you will continue receiving a 100% profit split for as long as you are trading with us.