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Profit Share


No-Evaluation Funding Program

No trading objectives for payouts. Save Time. No Evaluation. No Time Restrictions.
Just Good Risk Management.

0 Minimum Trading Days

No minimum days restrictions to pass. You can even get funded on the same day. 

Unlimited Time Limit

Take the time you need to prove your skills, and secure funding at your own pace.

Get paid in 10 days

First payouts are eligible in as little as 10 active trading days after your first trade.


balanced based Drawdown allowing you to increase your DD with any profit earned.


Trade a wide variety of assets, including Forex, Indices, and Commodities.

Weekend / Overnight

Hold your trades over the weekend or overnight. Low swap fees perfect for swing traders.

News Trading

Feel free to trade the news according to your strategy without any restrictions.

All Trading Styles

Whether you prefer using EAs, hedging, or discretionary trading, there are no limits or restrictions.


Funded Trader - Forex Funded Accounts - Funded Trader Programs 5


Enjoy the advantage of joining a no-evaluation prop firm allowing you to immediately trade the CTI's capital without any trading objectives.

Funded Trader - Forex Funded Accounts - Funded Trader Programs 7


Trade our capital and earn up to 100% profit share. We double your account up to $4,000,000 in funded capital.
Direct Funding Exponential Growth Scaling Plans


Our exponential growth scaling plan is designed to accelerate your trading potential and enable you to manage larger capital instantly.

As a Portfolio Manager (PM), you can immediately access payouts without the need for an evaluation phase. Each time you hit a profit milestone, your account balance doubles, letting you take advantage of compound growth up to a massive $4,000,000 in funded capital.

This plan promotes disciplined and consistent trading, while also giving you the chance to manage increasingly larger accounts.


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What payment methods are available?

Our website mainly supports credit/debit card payments, but we’re flexible!
Upon request, we also offer alternative payment options, including:
1. Crypto (USDC – Polygon/Matic Network),
2. Bank Wire, and
3. PayPal.
If you’d like to use one of these methods, just shoot an email to our support team at [email protected].
Please include your
1. Full Name,
2. Desired Funding Program,
3. Account Size,
4. Amount to Pay, and
5. Preferred Payment Method.
We’ll promptly send you an invoice with all the necessary instructions. We’re here to make the process as smooth as possible for you!

Direct Funding Rules

What is the Instant Time Limit?

At CTI, we understand that trading is a journey, that’s why there’s no max time limit on your direct funding program.

Please note that if your account stays inactive for more than 30 days, CTI does reserve the right to terminate the funded account. But don’t worry, if you plan to take a break longer than 30 days, you have 2 options.

  1. You can either place a small trade just to keep the account active, or
  2. you can email us at [email protected], and we’ll freeze it for you until you’re ready to jump back into the action,

We’re here to support you on your trading journey, every step of the way.

What is the Max Absolute Drawdown "MAD"?

The “Max Absolute Drawdown” (MAD) is a pre-determined dollar amount representing the maximum allowed loss from your initial account balance on any given day. The MAD is 10% of the Initial Account Balance. So, your losses should never surpass a 10% max loss of your initial account balance.


To calculate the MAD:

MAD = 10% x Initial Account Balance


The Stopout Level (SOL) is then calculated by deducting the MAD from the Initial Account Balance:

SOL = Initial Account Balance – (10% x Initial Account Balance)


For example, if your initial account balance is $50,000.

The MAD would be $50,000 x 10% = $5,000.

The SOL would then be $50,000 – $5,000 = $45,000.

Can I merge my accounts?

Account merging is permitted as long as you are in net profit. Additionally, it’s important to note that both accounts must be of the same size to allow merging.

What is the Max Funded Capital per trader?

The maximum scaling for each individual account is capped at $2,000,000. However, each trader can have a maximum of 2 portfolio manager accounts at any given time.

What are the rules to scale up my account?

At CTI, we believe in rewarding our traders for their success. That’s why, every time you achieve a 10% profit target, we’ll scale up your account by 200% – that’s double!

And the best part? There’s no time limit for you to reach your target. Whether you hit that 10% in a day or a year, we’ll honour our commitment and scale up your account. We’re here to support you in your trading journey, no matter how long it takes.

For more information on the scaling plans, visit the direct scaling plans page.

What is the Minimum Active Trading Days "ATD"?

ATD isn’t calendar days. It’s all the days you open new trades.

For instance, starting a trade on Monday and closing it on Thursday counts as just 1 ATD. The day that matters is the one when you opened the trade, not how long it lasted. Also, opening multiple trades on the same day still counts as a single ATD.

Is Instant Funding the same as Direct Funding?

Instant Funding is not the same as Direct Funding. For marketing purposes, prop firms use it interchangeably to make their evaluation look cheaper when compared to Direct Funding, but the core concepts of both products are different.
With Instant Funding, traders have to hit certain objectives within a specific time limit to qualify for a higher account and become fully funded. Also, they are not eligible for payouts unless they reach the profit target objective $.
On the other hand, Direct Funding means the trader would pay a higher fee to skip the first phase and have access to a larger capital immediately.
Also, the funded trader can get a payout at any time with no restrictions. The trader has no trading objectives to achieve.

Refunds & Resets

When can I get a free retake?

While we don’t offer free retakes for failed accounts, we do have a special offer for returning customers who have previously failed direct funding accounts. We provide a complimentary retake with a 5% retry discount. To take advantage of this offer, simply use the coupon code provided in the termination email that you received upon failing your previous account.

Is the fee refundable?

In our Direct Funding program, we do not offer a refund of the sign-up fee. Instead, we offer a 60% profit share of the scaling profit target objective, which equates to 100% of the original sign-up fee. This is our way of rewarding your success and helping you on your trading journey.

However, if you haven’t started trading yet and decide you’d like a refund, just get in touch, and we’ll process it for you, no questions asked!

But, we do not offer a refund once you’ve made a trade on your account or if it has been more than 14 days since your initial purchase and did not trade yet.


How will I receive my challenge account logins?

As soon as your payment is confirmed, we’ll email you your login details right after your KYC has been approved.

You can count on us for a prompt and seamless process!

What's the process to get funded?

After signing up and getting your account logins, you’re all set to start trading and showcase your abilities to meet our profit targets outlined in our terms and conditions.

What happens if I violate any of the rules?

Be aware that the main rule can result in immediate disqualification: (1) Max Absolute Drawdown.

For utmost transparency, we use an automated system that will instantly close all your open trades and freeze your account if this rule is breached. Only account reviews are manually conducted.

If a rule violation is detected, that account will be suspended and not eligible for future payouts. However, you can start a new instant funding account with a 5% retry discount using the coupon code in the termination email.


What is the Profit Share?

As a CTI Funded trader, you’ll begin with a 60% on PM LV1. From there, your profit share will increase by an additional 10% each time you scale up by one level until you ultimately reach a 100% profit share.

Our program is designed to reward your success and provide you with a path to even greater profit potential.

For more information on the profit share for each level, visit the direct scaling plans page.

How does the profit share work on the PM Levels?

As a Portfolio Manager at CTI, you are entitled to a tiered profit-sharing structure based on your Portfolio Manager level:


  • PM Level 1: 60% profit share
  • PM Level 2: 70% profit share
  • PM Level 3 and above: Choice of 80%/90% or 70% profit share, depending on your chosen route.


At PM Level 3 and higher, you have the flexibility to choose between two distinct routes:


Route 1: Higher Profit Share, Same Level


  • Opt for an 80%/90% profit share while remaining at your current PM level.
    Ideal for those looking to build a buffer in their account, providing more room for drawdown while enjoying a larger profit share.


Route 2: Lower Profit Share, Scaling Up

  • Choose a 70% profit share and advance to the next PM level, effectively doubling your account size.
    Perfect for traders who prefer to manage larger capital and aim for higher returns.


Switching Between Routes

You have the freedom to switch between Route 1 and Route 2 at any time. If you initially select Route 1 but later decide to scale up your account, you can switch to Route 2. Please note that any profit share must be adjusted to align with the route you choose.

Do I have to wait until I reach the profit target to be eligible for payouts?

You’re free to request a payout as soon as you’ve completed 10 Active Trading Days (ATDs) after placing your first trade on the Portfolio Manager account. Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to ensuring you have access to your profits in a timely manner.

How does CTI make money if I receive 100% Profit Share?

We aim to incentivize skilled traders with a consistent track record of profitability to remain with us. To achieve this, we offer a 100% profit share as a reward. If a trader demonstrates exceptional skill, CTI will replicate their trades in our internal live trading account.

What is the payout process and frequency?

CTI offers a unique payout system for its funded traders. Once you become funded, here are the steps and conditions for receiving payouts:

PM LV1 Payouts

The first payout on PM LV1 can be requested after 10 Active Trading Days. Following this, any subsequent payouts can be requested during the last five days of each calendar month.

PM LV2 Payouts

On PM LV2, payouts can be requested bi-weekly every 10th and 25th of each calendar month.

PM LV3 and Higher Levels Payouts

Starting from PM LV3 and for higher levels, payouts can be requested Weekly, every Friday.

*Please note that a minimum of 1% of the initial account balance is required in order to make a payout request.

It is important to remember to comply with all the rules and requirements of the Instant Funding Program to remain eligible for payouts. The payout system is designed to reward successful traders and provide a reliable income for those who prove their trading skills.

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