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Terms & Conditions

By enrolling in the Challenge Funded Trader Program, you hereby acknowledge and agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

And remember that these are not our only terms.  You also need to look at

(1) Our Privacy Policy (it tells you how we use your personal data and more, so it’s really important for you) and;

(2) Our General Terms & Conditions (it tells you the overall terms and conditions for using our website and services).


CTI operates as both an online educational trading community and a proprietary trading firm, funding traders via its Funded Trader Programs. The website, branded as "CTI" or "City Traders Imperium", is a privately owned entity registered in the United Arab Emirates, bearing the company number DSO-FZCO-21340.

CTI is not registered or regulated; Consequently, it does not engage in regulated activities, ensuring that its operations align with regulatory guidelines. Furthermore, CTI is not a financial institution or a broker, nor does it promote brokerage services. CTI does not invest client's money, ask for deposits, or trade clients' capital in financial markets; all funding originates from the company's revenue and its directors' own funds. CTI does not act or conduct services as a custodian. 

Purchases of the programs should not be considered deposits. All program fees are used for operation costs, including but not limited to staff, technology, and other business-related expenses.

What CTI offers is a valuable educational opportunity through its Funded Trader Programs. These programs are designed to evaluate traders, irrespective of their nationality, helping them hone risk management, trading psychology, and compounding profits.

Who is involved in this Agreement?‎

CTI (the Company):
CTI is responsible for offering funding to those undergoing evaluation.

The Client:
By registering for the Challenge Funded Trader Program, you are confirming your agreement to the Funding Terms and Conditions as outlined in the subsequent pages: "Direct FTP", "Direct Funding Scaling Plans", "FAQs", and "Direct Funding Terms and Conditions".

Upon signing up, you will have the following role to progress:

Portfolio Manager (PM): You have paid a premium access fee in order to skip the initial Classic / Standard Evaluation ‎‎requirements and start as a Portfolio Manager.

  • The Portfolio Manager Phase: This is the phase where the Evaluation Trader has met all the ‎trading requirements and successfully passed the Evaluation Phase, or the Funded Trader signed up through the Direct Funding route. The Portfolio Manager will be fully qualified during this phase, and CTI will contract the ‎trader to trade CTI's own capital.‎
Who can be funded by CTI?
  1. The Traders can be anyone who is above 18 years old.
  2. Any Trader from any nationality (Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, & New ‎Zealand) can join, excluding clients from the following countries: Syria, North Korea, Cuba, & Iran.
  3. The funded accounts are available for individual traders to trade the company's capital.
  4. The Funded Trader Program is not designed for large organizations, a group of individuals, or ‎copy traders.
  5. For KYC purposes: upon passing the Instant Funding, the Funded Trader must provide the following:
    1. Proof of Identity: a valid ID, Passport, or Driving Licence.
    2. Proof of Address: a Recent Utility Bill, Bank Statement, or Broadband Bill dated no older than three months.
    3. A Selfie holding the ID Card.
    4. Video to prove the person's KYC.
  6. The Funded Trader must understand the terms and conditions of this Agreement before signing up for any funding plans and their minimum requirements. 
  7. ‎The funded trader must adjust their risk exposure to match the requirements of the ‎Funded Trader Program before starting to trade with the company's capital.‎
The Fee Structure and Refund Policy
  1. ‎CTI does not refund any sign-up fee  ‎to the funded trader once the funded account ‎has been traded.‎
  2. If the funded account has not been traded, CTI will refund the sign-up fee up to 7 days after the sign-up date. 
  3. The sign-up fee is not a deposit into a trading account of any kind.‎
  4. ‎CTI charges only a One-Time fee to cover the trading costs the ‎funded trader ‎may incur during the Funded Trader Program.‎
  5. ‎CTI does not charge any monthly or recurring fees throughout the Funded Trader ‎Program™.‎
  6. ‎The Funded Trader cannot upgrade to a ‎larger Funded Account, nor downgrade to a smaller ‎Funded Account once the Funded Account has been traded.
Trading Styles & EAs

You agree that before your commitment, you already have a trading strategy and have experience in good risk management practices, which is important to pass the challenge. 

  • Trades Duration: With CTI, you can trade any trading style (scalp, day trading, or swing trading).
  • Weekend Trading: Any trades can be left open on weekends without restrictions.
  • News Trading: You are allowed to trade during all low, medium, and high-impact news without any restrictions.
  • Illegal Trading Practices: High-Frequency Trading, Ultra-Fast Scalping, Latency Arbitrage Trading, Any Tick Scalping Strategies, Any Reverse Arbitrage Trading, Any Hedge Arbitrage Trading, and Any use of emulators are not allowed. 
  • Copy Trading: Any Copy Trading of other people's ‎signals, Group Trading with other individuals, or funded account management services are not allowed. Any Copy Trading activity mentioned above will cause immediate termination of the account. However, you can copy trades from your personal account to our account, provided that you can supplement proof to us.
  • Stop Loss: You must use a stop loss on every trade as soon as you can within a 1-minute window. Failing to do so will trigger our risk management system to close your position automatically.
  • Gamble to pass: To prevent gambling behavior and ensure responsible trading practices to accurately assess the trader's performance on our funding programs, it is prohibited to attempt to pass challenges or evaluations using gambling behavior. Traders must demonstrate consistent trading activity over the assessment period to pass to the next level. Gambling behavior is defined as:
    • Maxing out on the account's leverage or account's risk in the hope of passing the challenge in 1 or a few positions.
    • Leaving a position open until it hits the profit target with no trade management (This is not to be confused with swing trading where the position has been managed by the trader).
    • Hedging Across accounts with the hope that one account will hit the profit target while the other loses.
    • Opening positions in opposite directions with the hope that one of them will hit the profit target.
    • Churning of Accounts where the client buys many accounts and trades them with excessive risk with the sole objective of hitting the profit target quickly with no consideration to risk management or showing consistent trading performance.
    • Martin Gale & Grid Trading: is a trading strategy with a high-risk approach where traders increase their position size on losing open positions with the hope of eventually recovering losses and achieving a profit.
What the Funded Trader must not do
  1. The Funded Trader must not trade the Funded Account in coordination with other active ‎traders on ‎the same account.‎ However, the Funded Trader can share and discuss trading ideas with other traders in CTI's in our Community.
  2. ‎The Funded Trader must not use the name of another person on one or more funded accounts.
  3. The Funded Trader must not open accounts in other people's names.
  4. The Funded Trader must not duplicate trades and orders using copy/social trading service providers. ‎However, the ‎Funded Trader can copy from their personal account or their accounts with other prop firms into the CTI Funded Account as long as it complies with the terms and conditions.
The Trading Platform
  1. CTI provides the trading platform MT5 to its Funded Traders upon signing up for Windows and MAC operating systems.
  2. The Funded Trader will have complete control of the trading platform and be the only person accessing the account.‎
  3. CTI will not ‎interfere with any Funded Traders' accounts unless they fail to comply with ‎Risk Management Policies.
Complying to the Terms and Conditions
  1. Each Funded Trader must manage their positions and apply the required measures according to the terms and conditions specified on this page.
  2. The Funded Trader must not max out on leverage on any single trade. In case of entering a trade when maxed out on leverage or an unusual volume size to the entry, that trade will not be counted towards the trader's profit target. This is to ensure responsible risk management practices.
  3. ‎CTI will supply Funded Traders with its own trading capital.
  4. The Funded Trader will not be liable for any trading losses ‎that may incur during the Funded Trader Program. 
  5. The Funded Trader must act responsibly while trading with CTI during the Funded Trader ‎Program to avoid any severe losses on the funded account.‎
  6. If the Funded Trader does not comply with the terms and conditions, CTI has the right to terminate the Funded Trader's ‎account and disqualify them from the Funded Trader Program.‎
  7. The Funded Trader must not give access to the Funded Account to any 3rd parties. Doing so will ‎lead to the termination of their account and this agreement.
  8. You agree that if you abuse any of CTI's staff members with no valid reason, then CTI has the right to terminate this agreement with no prior notice and remove access to all funded accounts.

The Funded Trader can always apply again if they wish to comply ‎‎with ‎the terms and conditions during their enrollment in the Funded Trader Program.‎

The Funded Trader must report to CTI via email to [email protected] if their ‎account credentials have been lost or stolen.‎

Other conditions to consider for payouts 
  1. Any profits made without using a stop loss will be deducted from the final net profit. In this case, CTI will extend the profit target by the ‎same amount made by the violations.‎
  2. Any Profit Share paid out to the funded trader is deducted from the account ‎balance.‎ However, this will not affect the profit target.
  3. Any time the funded trader gets a payout, CTI will also withdraw its Profit Share.
  4. CTI will pay the Profit Share in the form of a refund to the original payment card/crypto wallet used to make the payment unless CTI agrees to a different method.‎
  5. Once the Net Profit exceeds the original payment amount, the Profit Share payments will be paid to the client using one of the following ‎options: Transferwise, Revolut, PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Crypto.
  6. If you have abnormal trades where you were maxed out on leverage and unusual big trades compared to the normal trades you usually take, you will not be eligible for payouts for those trades.
  7. The account must be in net profit.
  8. ‎The Profit share is the net of all trading costs, spreads, commissions, and overnight swaps.‎
  9. If you breach any of the terms and conditions, you will not be eligible for any profit share payment.
The Termination of The Funded Trader Program™‎

The termination of the Funded Trader Program can occur due to the trader's inability to adhere to ‎the terms and conditions of this agreement.

‎ The termination of the Funded Trader Program Agreement may occur for any of the following reasons:‎

  1. ‎Reaching the Max Absolute Drawdown $ (Fixed Loss from Initial Capital) during any of the Direct Funding Program Phases.‎
  2. 30 days of no trading activity during any phase of the Direct Funded Trader Program without written official notice to CTI via email.
  3. ‎The misuse or abuse of the Funded Trader Program.‎‎
  4. ‎The use of the Funded Trader Program for any other purpose than the authenticity of the ‎individual ‎trading. 
  5. ‎‎Performing prohibited trading activity, such as High-Frequency Trading, Ultra-Fast Scalping, Latency Arbitrage Trading, any  Tick Scalping  Strategies, any Copy Trading of other person's ‎signals, any Reverse Arbitrage Trading, any Hedge Arbitrage Trading, any use of emulators, and Martin Gale Style EAs.
  6. ‎ Group Trading (manually or using the same EA by one individual on more than 2 accounts ‎or by multiple individuals on multiple accounts).
  7. ‎ Social Trading, Copy Trading from other traders, and any mirrored trading activity.

‎You agree that at all times, CTI has the right to terminate your funding as it sees ‎fit to its risk tolerance and willingness to risk its own capital during all phases of the Funded Trader Program at its own discretion.

The Termination Notice
  1. CTI will send to the Funded Trader's email an Official Notice of Termination, and the Funded Trader can request a copy of the trading statement at any time.
  2. ‎‎CTI will disable the trading permission in the Funded Account., and the Funded Trader will lose access to the Funded Account.
  3. ‎The Funded Trader can sign up again for the Funded Trader Program‎, regardless of past terminations, as long as they comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement upon the ‎most recent application. Nevertheless, CTI has the right to refuse to re-sign up ‎at its own discretion.‎ 
Communication with the Company "CTI"
  1. Email & Discord & Live Chat are the official communication mediums between the Funded Trader and City Traders ‎Imperium.‎
  2. CTI will communicate in real time and to the best of its ability ‎to provide ‎fast and reliable service to its Funded Traders.‎
  3. ‎The Funded Traders must provide a valid email while enrolled in the Funded Trader Program to ‎‎allow real-time communications with CTI’s staff.‎
  4. ‎CTI has the right to either freeze or terminate the Funded Account if the Funded Trader fails ‎to ‎respond to the company’s emails. ‎
  5. ‎CTI provides Phone Calls and Zoom as backup media for communication.‎
  6. ‎The Funded Trader must notify CTI  of any trader’s email address changes.‎
Misunderstanding and Errors In communications

Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, neither party hereto shall be prejudiced in any way by ‎inadvertent errors or omissions made by such party, providing such errors and omissions are ‎corrected promptly following discovery thereof.

Upon discovering an inadvertent error or omission by either party hereto, appropriate ‎adjustments shall be made as soon as possible to restore both parties to the fullest ‎extent possible and to the position they would have been in had no such inadvertent error or ‎omission occurred.

‎CTI reserves the right for future changes to these terms and conditions upon ‎notifications via an official email address given by the funded trader. The funded trader will be ‎committed to the changes or officially be asked to resign from the program.

Spreads & Commissions
  1. The spreads we use are very competitive, and it is usually 0.1 pips for EURUSD on ‎average.
  2. Different market conditions and liquidity can cause spreads to vary accordingly. At high ‎volatility events, such as during high-impact economic releases, the spreads can widen. ‎
  3. At the end of each day, between 10 PM & midnight UK Time, the banks move vast ‎amounts of orders from the current day to the following day while there is less liquidity. This may cause spreads to be ‎significantly increased. Therefore, it is advisable to widen stop losses during these times to ‎avoid unwanted execution of nearby orders due to technicalities.‎
  4. The commission is fixed at $2.25 per lot per side for FX and Commodities and $0.225 per lot per side for indices on the Evaluation.
  5. The commission is fixed at $2.75 per lot per side for FX and Commodities and $0.275 per lot per side for indices once funded on a PM Account.
Market Gaps & Slippage
  1. Sometimes, during very illiquid periods, the markets can gap significantly. Any orders ‎placed at prices with no quotes will be filled at the next available price. This may result in ‎opening the trade at a less favourable price.‎
  2. Slippage can occur at any time but is mostly relevant during periods of high volatility when ‎market orders are executed. This can also happen when a large market order is executed, but ‎there isn’t enough volume at the chosen price to execute the trade at the current market ‎price. Slippage can occur when there is a delay between the trade being ordered and when ‎it’s completed. Therefore, CTI does not guarantee to pay the profit for trades where significant ‎slippages occur on CTI’s corporate trading account.‎


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