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Unlock your trading potential! Take your time, pass at your own pace, and step into a world where monthly salaries await funded traders. Your journey to success starts here!

Challenge Funded Account - FTMO Challenge



100,000 Funded Account Challenge Pricing Plan2
50,000 Funded Account Challenge Pricing Plan2
25,000 Funded Account Challenge Pricing Plan2
10,000 Funded Account Challenge Pricing Plan2
5,000 Funded Account Challenge Pricing Plan2
2,500 Funded Account Challenge Pricing Plan2


Trade a wide variety of assets, including Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Crypto.

Weekend / Overnight

Hold your trades over the weekend or overnight. Low swap fees perfect for swing traders.

News Trading

Feel free to trade the news according to your strategy without any restrictions.

All Trading Styles

Whether you prefer using EAs, hedging, or discretionary trading, there are no limits or restrictions.


Day Trading Funding Program 8


In the first phase of the Challenge Funding Program, you'll be given a demo account to show your trading skills with no time limits.

Day Trading Funding Program 9


You'll be given a new demo funded account challenge with the same rules but half the profit target of Phase 1 to confirm your consistency and trading skills.

Day Trading Funding Program 10


Trade our funded account challenge to earn between 80% and 100% profit share. Enjoy the added benefit of rapid scaling plans and a monthly salary upon qualifying.


Fast-Track Your Growth with CTI! Hit a 10% target and instantly boost your funded account by up to 50%.
No more waiting for months – with us, scaling is on your terms, no matter the timeline!

100,000 Funded Account Challenge Scaling Plan3
50,000 Funded Account Challenge Scaling Plan3
25,000 Funded Account Challenge Scaling Plan3
10,000 Funded Account Challenge Scaling Plan3
5,000 Funded Account Challenge Scaling Plan3
2,500 Funded Account Challenge Scaling Plan3

Monthly Salary

At CTI, we’re taking trader rewards to the next level!

We understand the effort and expertise you put into your trades, and that’s why we are thrilled to introduce our monthly salary for our dedicated CTI traders.

Even if you begin with smaller plans, there’s ample room for growth. As you climb through our scaling plans, your salary isn’t static – it grows with you. 

CTI Funded Trader Salary


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What payment methods are available?

Our website mainly supports credit/debit card payments, but we’re flexible!
Upon request, we also offer alternative payment options, including:
1. Crypto (USDC – Polygon/Matic Network),
2. Bank Wire, and
3. PayPal.
If you’d like to use one of these methods, just shoot an email to our support team at [email protected].
Please include your
1. Full Name,
2. Desired Funding Program,
3. Account Size,
4. Amount to Pay, and
5. Preferred Payment Method.
We’ll promptly send you an invoice with all the necessary instructions. We’re here to make the process as smooth as possible for you!

Challenge Rules

What is the Minimum Active Trading Days "ATD"?

You’ll need at least 5 Active Trading Days (ATD) for Phase 1 and Phase 2.

ATD isn’t calendar days. It’s all the days you open new trades.

For instance, starting a trade on Monday and closing it on Thursday counts as just 1 ATD. The day that matters is the one when you opened the trade, not how long it lasted. Also, opening multiple trades on the same day still counts as a single ATD.

To hit the minimum ATD goal, you must open at least 5 trades on 5 separate days for each phase.

What is the Max Daily Drawdown "MDD"?

Each day, your trading account has a Maximum Daily Drawdown (MDD) limit. It’s a crucial rule that you should not exceed.

Your MDD is equal to 5% of your initial account balance.

The Daily Stopout Level (DSL) is your start-of-day balance minus the MDD.

Your Max Daily Drawdown resets daily at Midnight Broker’s Time.

For example, if you began with a $100,000 Challenge and had an account balance of $104,000 on day 3:

  • MDD would be 5% of $100,000 = $5,000.
  • DSL would be $104,000 – $5,000 = $99,000.

So, keep an eye on your risk and stay within the MDD limit to avoid account termination.

What is the Max Absolute Drawdown "MAD"?

The “Max Absolute Drawdown” (MAD) is a pre-determined dollar amount representing the maximum allowed loss from your initial account balance on any given day. The MAD is 10% of the Initial Account Balance. So, your losses should never surpass a 10% max loss of your initial account balance.

To calculate the MAD:

MAD = 10% x Initial Account Balance

The Stopout Level (SOL) is then calculated by deducting the MAD from the Initial Account Balance:

SOL = Initial Account Balance – (10% x Initial Account Balance)

For example, if your initial account balance is $50,000.

The MAD would be $100,000 x 10% = $10,000.

The SOL would then be $100,000 – $5,000 = $95,000.

Can I merge my accounts?

Account merging is permitted once you become funded.

1. You cannot merge accounts during Phases 1 and 2.

2. Both accounts must be in net profit to merge accounts.

3. The total balance of the merged account must equal one of the account balances on the scaling plans.

What is the Max Funded Capital per trader?

The upper limit for scaling any single account is set at $200,000.

A trader’s total funded capital can reach a maximum of $400,000.

Initially, a trader is permitted to hold up to two $100K funded accounts. Holding four $100K accounts concurrently is not allowed, as we prioritize traders demonstrating consistent profitability for account scaling.

For the initial funding level (LV1), traders can have two $100K accounts or a mix of smaller account values, not exceeding a total of $200,000 in funded capital on LV1.

Refunds & Resets

When can I get a free retake of the challenge?

If you don’t pass the challenge on your first try, we’ve got your back. You’ll receive a 10% discount with your termination email on your next sign-up. Keep an eye on your email for the discount code. Please note while we offer this discount, we do not provide a complimentary retake.

Is the fee refundable?

We refund 100% of your Challenge account fee with your first payout.


Also, if you haven’t started trading yet and decide you’d like a refund, just get in touch, and we’ll process it for you, no questions asked! However, we do not offer a refund once you’ve made a trade on your account, or if it has been more than 14 days since your initial purchase and did not trade yet.


How will I receive my challenge account logins?

As soon as your payment is confirmed, we’ll email you your login details right after your KYC has been approved.

You can count on us for a prompt and seamless process!

What's the process to get funded?

After signing up and getting your account logins, you’re all set to start trading and showcase your abilities to meet our profit targets outlined in our terms and conditions. Successfully complete Phases 1 and 2, and we’ll send you the login details for your funded account.

What happens if I violate any of the rules?

Be aware that two main rules can result in immediate disqualification: (1) Max Daily Drawdown and (2) Max Absolute Drawdown.


For utmost transparency, we use an automated system that will instantly close all your open trades and freeze your account if either of these rules is breached. Only account reviews are manually conducted.


If a rule violation is detected, that account will be suspended and not eligible for future payouts. However, you can start a new challenge account with a 10% retry discount using the coupon code in the termination email.


How do I qualify for the monthly salary?

At CTI, we value and reward traders who adopt sound risk management and consistently trade responsibly.

Our monthly salary initiative is designed to encourage and incentivize traders to build a solid record that is worth presenting to investors and get access to even more capital.


To be eligible for a monthly salary, traders must meet the following standards:

  1. Exhibit a profitable track record for at least 6 months with CTI.
  2. Maintain an average net profit of 2% per month over a rolling last 6 months.
  3. Maintain a Return/Drawdown ratio of 3.


Our commitment is clear: perform consistently, and we’ll ensure you’re rewarded for it.

Once you meet these conditions, you will be eligible for a monthly salary. You will receive a personalized contract outlining the terms of your salary agreement.

As you continue to trade and generate profits, you will be able to enjoy a steady income in addition to your profit share.

What is the rolling average net profit per month?

The rolling average net profit per month is a method to measure the average profitability over a specific period of time, considering the most recent 6 months.

Instead of just looking at a fixed time frame (like January to December), a rolling average continually recalculates the average as new months come in, “rolling” over the period in focus.

Here’s a simple way to understand it:

If you want to calculate a 6-month rolling average net profit.

In July, you’d find the average net profit for the previous 6 months, for the period of January to June. 

Then, in August, you’d calculate a new average for the previous 6 months from February to July. 

Then again for March to August, and so forth.

With each new month, you’d drop the oldest month from your calculations, and consider the most recent last 6 months period.

What is Return/Drawdown Ratio?

At CTI, our Return / Drawdown Benchmark is 3. The Return/Drawdown Ratio is a metric used by investors to evaluate the performance of a trading strategy or investment portfolio. It’s calculated by dividing the total returns (or profits) by the maximum drawdown over a specific period.

Here’s a simple breakdown:

  1. Return (or Profit): This is the gain achieved by a trading strategy over a set period. It represents the positive outcomes of the strategy.

  2. Drawdown: This represents the largest drop from a peak to a trough during a specific period for a trading account. In other words, it indicates the highest loss a trader has experienced before gains start to occur again. A significant drawdown can be an indication of high risk.

For example, a Return of 24% and a Drawdown of 8% would give a Return/Drawdown ratio of 3.

The benefit of this indicator is that the more profit the trader makes, the higher the ratio.

A higher Return/Drawdown Ratio is typically seen as better, indicating that for every unit of risk (drawdown) taken, there’s a higher unit of reward (return).

Conversely, a low ratio can suggest that the returns do not adequately compensate for the risk taken.

How can I grow my salary?

Starting small doesn’t mean thinking small. Every step you take on our funding plans is a gateway to greater rewards!

Here’s the exciting breakdown:

  • Elite:  Receive a $500/month salary when you are on $100,000 and above Funded Levels.

  • Champion:  Receive a $250/month salary when you are on $50,000 and $75,000 Funded Levels.

  • Elevate: receive a $125/month salary when you are on $25,000 and $37,500 Funded Levels.

  • Advance:  Receive a $50 / month salary when you are on $10,000, $12,500, and $15,000 Funded Levels.

  • Junior:  Receive a $25 / month salary when you are on $5,000 and $7,500 Funded Levels.

  • Begin:  Receive a $12.5/month salary when you are on $2,500 and $3,750 Funded Levels.

No matter where you start, there’s a clear path to grow and prosper with CTI. 


What is the Profit Share?

Once you become funded LV1, you’ll immediately enjoy an 80% profit share. But that’s just the beginning! As you progress and scale up, you can elevate your profit share to an astounding 90% and even 100%. Check out our scaling plans for comprehensive details.

How does CTI make money if I receive 100% Profit Share?

We aim to incentivize skilled traders with a consistent track record of profitability to remain with us. To achieve this, we offer a 100% profit share as a reward. If a trader demonstrates exceptional skill, CTI will replicate their trades in our internal live trading account.

When can I get my first payout?

CTI offers a unique payout system for its funded traders. Once you become funded, here are the steps and conditions for receiving payouts:


Refund of Sign-up Fee

Your sign-up fee will be refunded 100% with your first payout.


Eligibility for First Payout:

You can request your first payout once you meet one of the following conditions:

  1. Any time you complete 10 Active Trading Days (ATD). 
  2. Any time you achieve at least 10% in profit.


When you reach 10% net profit for the first time, close all your trades and email [email protected] to request a review of your funded account and process your first payout.


If you have a net profit of less than 10% after completing 10 ATDs, you can still request a payout. You don’t need to wait until you hit 10% profit. So, you can request payouts at any time as long as you have completed at least 10 ATDs.


*Please note that a minimum of 1% of the initial account balance is required in order to make a payout request.


It is important to remember to comply with all the rules and requirements of the challenge to remain eligible for payouts. The payout system is designed to reward successful traders and provide a reliable income for those who prove their trading skills.

What is the payout frequency when i'm funded?

Initial Payout:

As soon as you’re funded, you are eligible for payouts in as little as 2 weeks, provided you meet the criteria for your first payout, which includes completing 10 Active Trading Days or achieving at least 10% in profit (whichever comes first).

Subsequent Payouts:

After your first payout, you can request subsequent payouts during the last 5 days of each calendar month or when hitting the profit target objective for the scaling plans.

Bi-Weekly Payouts:

Once you achieve the Funded LV2 level, you will qualify immediately for the Bi-Weekly payouts. This schedule allows for flexibility and more frequent income for successful traders.

LV2, can be achieved by scaling up twice on any of our funded account scaling plans.

Weekly Payouts

Once you achieve the Funded LV3 level or higher, you will qualify immediately for the Weekly payouts. 

LV3 can be achieved by scaling up 3 times on any of our funded account scaling plans.

Once you meet these requirements, you can request your weekly payout every Friday. This is a great way to receive your profits more regularly, so it’s worth striving to meet these qualifications.

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