City Traders Imperium


Derived from Latin, City Traders “Imperium” mission is to build an “Empire” of funded traders from around the globe. A pioneering vision which began with the pursuit of empowering traders has led to the inception of a global network of Traders achieving freedom and fulfilment in their lives.

CTI’s extensive expertise in trading multiple assets over an accumulated four decades of experience provides its traders and clients with powerful solutions. Comprised of a talented team of professional traders that have revolutionised the Forex industry; CTI continues to offer pioneering products in the most lucrative market in the world.

The firm prizes a culture that reflects a synergetic process of progression and achievement for its members towards financial freedom. Every team member lives by the firm’s core principles of discipline, superior mindset and money management, thus placing them in the top 1% of winning traders.

CTI Traders and Team
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In 2018, Martin & Daniel discovered that most prop firms in London were focused on hiring sales staff to sell courses rather than developing people to become real traders managing their own capital. This was the start of their vision to build a global prop trading firm with an online trading floor of funded traders.


City Traders Imperium - CEO - Senior Trader - Martin Najat

Co-Founder & CEO

Martin has seen success as a Smart Money Concepts trader and has become a full-time trader after having improved his trading psychology with the help of Daniel. Martin Has co-founded CTI with the vision to help undercapitalized traders that lack enough trading capital to change their lives. While working as an investment analyst in London, Martin soon realised that he wanted to do a lot more than just trading. So, today, he is running CTI and helping build a strong team of profitable traders.

City Traders Imperium - CEO - Head Trader - Daniel Bautista Martin

Co-founder & CEO

Daniel Martin is the co-founder of City Traders Imperium with 20 years of trading experience. He has helped all types of traders become profitable and achieve consistency in their trading by focusing on developing their trading psychology and methodology. After years of success and achieving financial freedom, a new mission was born. Instead of retiring from the markets, Daniel committed to a new life goal by creating a global army of profitable traders.

City Traders Imperium - Chief Commercial Officer - James Morris


Jamie has been with CTI since its beginning. He met Martin and Daniel on a Trading floor in 2017. He has a vast experience in the trading industry across funds, brokerages and prop firms. After working for the largest proprietary trading firm in Europe, trading and providing liquidity to major futures exchanges, Jamie decided to join CTI to help grow and drive the success of the business.

Rodrigo Torres

Performance Coach

Rodrigo has always been fascinated with human behaviour which led him on an academic venture into Psychology and Criminology. It was during this time that Rodrigo’s passion for deciphering human behaviour led him to the financial markets. After three years of self-education and two years working at a London Hedge Fund, Rodrigo evolved into an expert Technical Analyst.

Diego Torres


Diego has been trading the financial markets since 2014. He has since worked with multiple trading companies as a mentor for large communities in his early career stages. Over the years, he has developed vast experience working in a proprietary trading firm as the head trader and managing funds for UK & Dubai clients at a London Hedge Fund. He studied and developed trading strategies that have given him a clinical precision institutional trading.