City Traders Imperium

FEE STRUCTURE & Refund Policy

Nature of Sign-up Fee

Not a Deposit

The sign-up fee paid at the time of registration is not a deposit into a trading account and serves a different purpose, as described below.

One-Time Access Fee

The sign-up fee is a one-time payment charged to grant access to the CTI dashboard with access to a simulated funded account for educational purposes and to cover the operational costs associated with the software, technology, and educational content.

No Recurring Fees

CTI does not levy any monthly or recurring fees during the tenure of a client’s involvement in the funded trader program.

Disputes and Chargebacks

Non-Dispute Agreement Regarding Payment Transactions

The client acknowledges and agrees that once access to the trading dashboard is granted and at least one transaction has been executed on the funded account, they shall refrain from disputing the payment or initiating any chargebacks. This agreement is binding from the moment of the first transaction and is enforceable under the terms and conditions of the Funded Trader Program.

The Fee Structure and Refund Policy

By making a purchase and agreeing to our terms and conditions, you agree that:

1. CTI does not issue refunds for any sign-up fees once trading activity commences on a funded account.

2. In instances where the funded account remains inactive (no trading activity), CTI offers a window for a refund of the sign-up fee. Such requests must be made within seven (7) days from the date of account sign-up to be considered eligible.

3. Once trading has been initiated on a funded account, the client is not permitted to upgrade to a larger account or downgrade to a smaller one.


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