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Spread The Word & Get Paid a 20% commission for each referral.

By promoting CTI Funded Trader Programs, you can partner with one of the leading prop firms in the industry and turn your recommendations into an income stream.


Join CTI’s Affiliate Program, share your link with your audience and get paid a generous commission for each referral, regardless of the number of referrals you generate per month.

What is CTI Affiliate Program?

CTI provides a highly competitive Affiliate Program in the prop firm industry for those who wish to help their communities access trading capital. By participating in this program, you can earn a substantial commission – a 20% commission for each referral on all our Instant Funding plans and Challenges.

How can I join?

Becoming an affiliate is simple. All you need to do is sign up here. Fill in all the necessary information and start sharing your affiliate link with your friends and communities.

How much can I potentially earn?

CTI offers its affiliate commission for everyone regardless of how many sales make per month. This means you can make as much as 131.8 GBP (160 USD) for each sale you make.

How do Funded Accounts work?

If you were to trade on your personal account and you funded it with $500 and after a few months made a 30% profit. You would end up with only $150 profit only. However, with that same $500, if you were to join a Funded Trader Program with CTI, for example, with the same $10,000 starting balance and made a 30% profit after a few months, firstly, your account would have scaled up to $110,000 balance and you would have made a total profit share of $13,250. That’s is 2,650% more profit with the same initial $500.

That’s the power of getting funded with CTI.

Do I need to be a client with CTI to join the affiliate program?

Anyone can register for the CTI Affiliate Program and become one of our Partners. You do not have to have a funded account with us to earn a commission. However, we encourage you to test our accounts to help families yourself with our funding programs and platforms. You can check our platforms through this Free Test Account

When will I get paid my affiliate commission?

All commissions will be made available to all our affiliates immediately, which you can see inside our affiliate dashboard. However, we pay all our affiliates their commissions at the end of each month to allow enough time for any cancelations or chargebacks. 

What payment methods are available to receive my affiliate commission?

Our main payment method is PayPal. Once you sign up, please ensure to add your PayPal email (especially if it’s different from the one you signed up with).

However, we can also process payments using a Bank transfer (Wise) free of charge if a bank transfer is your preferred method. 

Can I collect an affiliate commission for buying an account for myself?

While it’s not possible to receive a commission on your own purchase, you can still earn referral rewards by introducing friends, family members, co-workers, and members of your trading network to the product or service.

Can CTI's management join me in a live webinar or Podcast?

CTI team is open to collaborating with you on a video, live stream, or podcast to assist you in introducing prop trading and CTI to your network. You need only request this service, and they will be delighted to provide it.

Please send us your request to [email protected].

Can CTI contribute to my online community?

We are happy to assist with any queries and answer any questions about CTI in your Discord or Telegram, or any other online communities. We have an excellent support service that can help you drive more affiliate sales for you.

What information will I be able to see on the Affiliate Dashboard?

CTI includes all the information that you need to manage your affiliate business. This includes sales, balance, commissions and payout, which you can monitor all in real-time. You can also share your affiliate link on your social media directly from the Dashboard.


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