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Derived from the Latin term “Imperium,” City Traders Imperium (CTI) was born with the ambitious mission of building a global “Empire” of funded traders. Our vision is rooted in the desire to empower traders, and today we’re proud to have created a network of successful traders achieving financial freedom and professional fulfillment from all corners of the world.

At CTI, we bring over four decades of collective experience in trading multiple assets, providing our funded traders with powerful, tried-and-tested solutions. Our team consists of seasoned professionals who have made significant contributions to the Forex industry, and we continue to drive innovation, offering state-of-the-art products in the world’s most lucrative financial market.

We’re not just a prop firm; we’re a community of traders committed to mutual growth and achievement. Our culture encourages synergy and progression towards financial independence for every member. Adhering to our core principles of discipline, a superior mindset, and effective money management, our traders find themselves among the successful traders worldwide.

Join us, and let’s build an empire of winning traders together.

our values

Since our inception in 2018, CTI has carved a distinguished place in the proprietary trading space, becoming one of the most trusted prop firms in the industry. 

Our consistent dedication to transparency, coupled with our commitment to providing optimal trading conditions, has not only shaped our brand but also positioned us as a beacon of trust and excellence among the trading community. 

At the heart of CTI is its foundation laid by passionate traders who deeply understand the intricacies, emotions, and aspirations of this profession. 

With every step you take, we see a reflection of our founders’ journeys, and here’s our commitment to you:

Client Focused

At CTI, we prioritize your feedback, constantly adapting and refining our approach to better suit your needs and amplify your aspirations. Every innovation and subtle adjustment we undertake is meticulously crafted based on the insightful feedback from our vibrant community.

Our journey, marked by pivotal enhancements to our services, is a testament to our responsive nature. As we stand today, we are proud to present unrivalled funding opportunities, fostering an environment where every funded trader can truly flourish.

Honest and Real Trading Conditions

Partnering with CTI means more than just entering a business relationship; it’s about joining a prop firm that truly values individuality and provides an environment that respects it. While some of our accounts may operate on a simulated basis, we strive to mirror genuine market conditions by incorporating realistic spreads and commissions.

This approach, grounded in realism from the outset, not only guards against undue costs but also fosters a smooth transition from evaluation to being funded. It is a stance rooted in the firm belief that traders should experience authentic market dynamics during the evaluation stages, ensuring they are not caught off-guard post-evaluation and facilitating accurate assessments of performance that maintain consistency in the long run.

Safety, Security, & Trust:

At CTI, we prioritize upholding the trust of our traders, especially concerning payouts. Our financial robustness, anchored by a substantial capital reserve earmarked specifically for trader payouts, stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment, even amidst market downturns. This solid foundation is bolstered by an operational strategy that enforces clear trading limits, monitors active positions stringently, and ensures swift interventions. Complementing this, our strategic revenue diversification further secures our financial health, guaranteeing unimpeded trader payouts, irrespective of individual segment performances.

Integrity in Our Operations

At CTI, we draw from our rich, firsthand experience in the trading sphere, fully empathizing with the daily challenges traders confront. This understanding shapes our steadfast commitment to nurturing a community grounded in integrity and service. Every resource, tool, and piece of advice we offer is inspired by a genuine ambition to foster success among our traders.

We take pride in having created an empowering hub that is both vibrant and free, facilitating the seamless exchange of ideas among new and seasoned traders alike.

From offering complimentary access to live webinars that delve deep into trading strategies and market insights to building a wealth of educational content on our YouTube channel, we are dedicated to enlightening our community.

Our expert advisors (EAs) further support traders by optimizing trade management and fostering strategic decision-making.

Our open-door policy ensures everyone receives the guidance they seek. In the dynamic world of trading, CTI stands as a haven of integrity and support, championing a culture where every trader finds themselves valued, heard, and empowered.

Accessibility for All

At CTI, we hold dear the memories of our early days in the trading industry, a time characterized by humble beginnings and numerous challenges. It was these very trials that inspired the creation of a nurturing environment where traders could grow without bounds.

In our pursuit to break barriers and facilitate growth, we have designed a rich tapestry of funding programs, each attentively crafted to address a diverse range of trading styles, strategies, and budgets. Understanding that trading is a uniquely individual endeavour, we aim to cater to every trader — from the conservative newcomer to the experienced visionary ready to take calculated risks.

Our platform stands as a steadfast ally, geared to support traders in every stage of their journey. At CTI, you are not just gaining access to funds but embracing a community united in the belief of your potential and deeply invested in your success.

Resilience & Adaptability

In the fluctuating landscape of trading, we stand firm in our commitment to foster growth and empower our traders amidst both challenges and opportunities. Our goal is to steer your trading journey towards a constant upward trajectory, facilitating both learning and profitability.

We pride ourselves on our adaptability, a quality grounded in unwavering attention to feedback from our community. This feedback, whether it encompasses suggestions, critiques, or insights, is not just welcomed but actively sought. It forms the bedrock of our evolutionary journey, helping us hone our offerings and align them more effectively with your needs and aspirations.

By nurturing an open dialogue with our traders, we have managed to continually refine our funding conditions, always with a finger on the pulse of your experiences. This reciprocal relationship ensures that you are not just a part of CTI but a pivotal force driving its growth and innovation. Together, we forge a path of shared progress, with your insights steering the helm of CTI’s ongoing evolution.

Collaboration & Teamwork

At CTI, we embody the true essence of collaboration, weaving a rich and diverse tapestry of insights, experiences, and knowledge that our community can lean on and learn from.

Central to this is our Discord community, a vibrant space that goes beyond casual conversation to function as a comprehensive educational powerhouse. It is where seasoned traders lend their expertise to novices, fostering a fertile ground for the exchange of fresh perspectives and proven strategies.

What sets our Discord apart is the harmonious blend of casual interaction and structured learning. Here, dedicated educational spaces brim with resources, video content, and interactive lessons—offering a well-rounded educational experience grounded in advanced methodologies and personal trading stories. It is a place where every trader, regardless of their experience level, finds a nurturing environment rich in support and resources, guiding them towards a path of trading excellence.

Long-Term Vision

At CTI, we prioritize long-term sustainability over fleeting gains, steadfast in our commitment to fostering enduring success rather than chasing ephemeral riches. We envision a future where we build not just individual success stories but a thriving community where traders grow together, supporting and uplifting each other.

The pinnacle of this shared journey is the establishment of a hedge fund — a testament to our collective growth and aspirations. To this end, we continually seek talented traders to become integral members of our extended family, offering them a platform where they can flourish and play a vital role in our overarching vision.

Joining CTI is not merely engaging with a prop firm; it is stepping into a larger dream where we share triumphs and build an enduring legacy in the financial sphere, where every trader becomes a vital thread in our ever-evolving tapestry of success. Together, we are not just creating ripple effects but crafting a legacy grounded in unity, strength, and shared victories.


City Traders Imperium - CEO - Senior Trader - Martin Najat

Martin Najat

Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager
From mastering ICT Concepts to co-founding CTI, Martin's journey is a beacon for aspiring traders. Leveraging his background as an investment analyst, he spearheads CTI, fostering a community grounded in empowerment and understanding. Under his guidance, CTI precisely tailors its offerings to meet the nuanced needs of every trader.

Daniel Martin

Co-Founder & Senior Trader
With 20 years of trading expertise, Daniel Martin co-founded CTI, dedicating himself to cultivating proficient traders through enhanced trading psychology and methodology. Foregoing retirement post financial freedom, he embraced a renewed mission: forging a global cadre of successful traders.

Simone Nateri

Chief Operating Officer
Simone, a diligent financial expert with a keen interest in trading, became a pillar at CTI, and later joining forces with Martin and Daniel, he has been instrumental in streamlining the firm's business operations, ensuring seamless efficiency since the early stages of CTI.

Scott Geekie

Chief Marketing Officer
Joining CTI in 2021 with a background in sales, Scott quickly rose to prominence with his strategic acumen and understanding of customer needs. Now at the helm of the CTI marketing team, he continues to drive success by seamlessly blending his expertise with the company's core values.

Diego Torres

Technical Analyst
Since 2014, Diego has honed his trading acumen, mentoring in sizable communities and spearheading trading at a prop firm. Leveraging strategies developed through deep study, he's adept at institutional trading, also managing funds for clients in the UK and Dubai while at a London Hedge Fund.
City Traders Imperium - Chief Commercial Officer - James Morris

Jamie Morris

Chief Commercial Officer
Since meeting Martin and Daniel in 2017, Jamie has leveraged his extensive experience from roles at major funds, brokerages, and Europe's largest proprietary trading firm to foster CTI's growth. His background in providing liquidity to notable futures exchanges is instrumental in steering CTI towards business success.


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