Top 3 performers each receive a monthly salary
+ up to 100% profit share when getting funded.

*T&Cs Apply.

Do you hate your job but you can’t leave?

What if you had the opportunity and freedom to trade Full-Time?

It's TIME to Choose
your Freedom.

Join CTI and become a full-time funded trader.

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How to Participate

Participation Account Balance: $50K or $100K Day Trading FTP Challenge.

You will be automatically enrolled at any time you pass a $50K or $100K Challenge phases 1 & 2 before 28 Feb 2023.

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How to receive your salary

When joining the $50K or $100K challenge on the Day Trading FTP, the top 3 performing traders will receive a monthly salary after passing steps 1 & 2 for as long as they qualify.

The top 3 performers must achieve the following objectives in Phases 1 & 2:

  1. Must have met all the Challenge objectives.
  2. Must have the highest Return / Drawdown ratio.
  3. Must have a Return / Drawdown Ratio of at least 3.
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Multiplying your Salary

At CTI, we aim to give our funded traders the opportunity to quit their job and become full-time funded traders so they have stability and peace of mind to be profitable in the long run.

So, we offer you the opportunity to multiply your salary by qualifying multiple times.

So, let’s say you ranked in 1st place over 3 competitions; then you could earn 3 times the salary per month.

And the best part is that the potential is unlimited… the more times you qualify, the more salary you will get.

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We pay the monthly salary as an incentive to funded traders who have shown the best risk management skills during phases 1 & 2 by having a higher than 3 Net Return / Drawdown ratio.

The monthly salary is confidential at this level and will be only disclosed to the top 3 winners.

Absolutely! There is no deadline for when you can join. You can qualify at any time you pass phases 1 & 2 before 28 Feb 2023. 

We will announce the top 3 performers within the 1st week after the end date.

Absolutely! There is no limit on how many accounts you can participate with. However, you can only rank for 1 position at a time. 

Each funded trader can rank only once at a time.

So, for example, if you participated with 2 $50K challenges and ranked 1st and 2nd in the same period, then you would only be qualified to receive a monthly salary for the 1st place.

The 2nd place would go to the next funded trader who ranked after you.

The process is very simple. You would have to sign up for the $50K or $100K Challenge on the Day Trading FTP as you would normally do, and you will be automatically eligible to receive a monthly salary if you rank in the top 3 before 28 Feb 2023.

Absolutely! If you rank top 3, then you will be eligible to receive a monthly salary + funding which you can scale up.

If you don't qualify, you will still receive funding.