City Traders Imperium

Instant & Direct Funding

The Withdrawal Process

The Instant Funding Level

CTI will pay a 50% Profit Share of the Profit Target $ Objective with the first withdrawal on the PM LV1 once the funded trader achieves the 9% profit target objective.

PM LV1 Withdrawals

The 1st withdrawal can be requested after 10 Active Trading Days. Any subsequent withdrawals can be requested during the last 5 days of each calendar month.

PM LV2 Withdrawals

Withdrawals can be requested twice a month on PM LV2 every 10th and 25th of each calendar month.

PM LV3 and higher levels

From PM LV3 and higher, withdrawals can be requested Weekly, every Friday.

The withdrawal will not affect the account growth and does not require the funded ‎trader to compensate for the profit withdrawn to achieve the profit target.

Please note that a minimum of 1% of the initial account balance is required in order to make a withdrawal request.

Other conditions to consider for withdrawals 
  • Any Profit Share paid out to the funded trader is deducted from the account ‎balance.‎ However, this will not affect the profit target.
  • Any time the funded trader withdraws, CTI will also withdraw its Profit Share.
  • ‎CTI will refund the 50% Profit Share to the original payment card or crypto wallet used to make the payment unless CTI agrees to a different method.‎
  • Once the Net Profit exceeds the original payment amount, the Profit Share payments will be paid to the client using one of the following ‎options: Transferwise, Revolut, PayPal, or Bank Transfer.
  • If you have abnormal trades where you were maxed out on leverage or unusual large volume trades compared to the normal trades you usually take, you will not be eligible for the profits made for those trades.
  • The account must be in net profit, with all trades closed at the withdrawal time.
  • ‎The Profit share is the net of all trading costs, spreads, commissions, and overnight swaps.‎
  • Any profits made without using a stop loss will be deducted from the final net profit. In this case, CTI will extend the profit target by the ‎same amount made by the violations.‎
  • CTI will pay the Net Profit Share of the Profit Target $.
  • If you breach any of the terms and conditions, you will not be eligible for any profit share payment.
Requesting Withdrawals
We process withdrawals through Crypto (USDC-Polygon/Matic Network), Bank Transfer, Wise, Revolut, or PayPal.
To request a withdrawal, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Withdrawal Request" and specify the amount you would like to withdraw.

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